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Originally Posted by vandalin View Post
Well hopefully you are exaggerating on the "immediate divorce" comment because if that is truly an issue, there are other problems to be dealt with first.
I'm going to wear it for this, butů.
I don't see asking for an immediate divorce as being too harsh if you are in an established and agreed upon monogamous relationship. Vows are not just words during a marraige ceremony. That is why I would be very careful in saying them.

Once the seed of "I am not enough for my partner" has been planted, it can't be erased in some people. I would be one of those. I know if my ex wife had of asked to explore polyamory with another man during the good years of our marriage I would have left. She did explore a possible relationship with another woman, and due to the sexual aspect of her being with another woman I was prepared to deal with it until they spent a night together. I lost it, but luckily during the night she decided it was not what she wanted. If it had of been another guy, I would never have gotten passed it. I would have left.

I know not all people would react this way, but I do not consider it an unreasonable response nor do I believe does the vast majority.

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