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Love you question, my husband and I are not practicing poly yet. But I've found a huge freedom of communication since we started discussing it. I'm not sure I could relate exactly where the positive communication specifically lies. But I feel an overwhelming sense that the opportunity to share our true feelings and desires (unedited for monogamy's sake) has really brought a new depth to our relationship. Desire for connection with multiple partners puts a huge (sometimes unacknowledged) strain on monogamy. Forcing each partner to constantly reassure the other that they are not leaving. While my husband and I operated under monogamy, things I may of said and felt had to contain constant reassurance that I'm not leaving. For example,

Husband: I got offered a job in Florida...but I love you, so we should talk about it together...I'm not leaving you

verses poly may sound more like this

Wife: My old coworker took me out to lunch today and offered me a job with his new company. Husband: That's so great, this is what we've been looking for.

Those are just my thoughts
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