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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
If you will miss that job, that implies you like it or something about it, why leave?
I know, I know...right? Why leave? I am an exotic dancer. I fell into it accidentally 5 years ago. I promised myself two things, I would only do it as long as I was happy and as long as I was going to school. Well school was only supposed to take four years to complete....but that hasn't happened. Julio and I both agreed that I would quit last year, but he couldn't find work and his unemployment ran out. It was all on me to support us, I had to dance all year. Now the opportunity has presented itself for me to leave once and for all. There comes a time in a stripper's life where getting up to dance is no longer just an action that one performs; it becomes a life style that defines you. I have reached the point where my stripper alias and my personal life are so completely intermingled that I no longer know where she ends and I begin. Drugs, drama, self-centered, egotistic and diva are some thoughts that come to mind. I want to leave and I'm ready to leave, but so much centers around my life in the bar. I've become addicted to the attention. Right now, I'm ignoring my bosses phone calls. She wants to schedule me for the next month and I've got to call her, and when I do I've got to have an answer in my mind. I hope I can come up with something soon. The time is now because my license expires before the scheduled month is up. Its an annual license that cost right around $300. Only time will really tell how this turns out.

I had a great weekend! Julio was able to get Sunday off, and he came home unexpectedly last night and surprised me! This job is really close by, unlike the last one, and it only takes two hours for him to get here. It's too far for him to come home every night and he is supposed to work 7 days a week, but some how he got today off. Just three days apart felt like forever! When he got here we went and picked Ellen up and they all came to work with me last night and we had a great time talking and drinking. Then when I got home from church today we cuddled together on the couch and caught up on Dexter for the rest of the day. He left at 6pm to head back to his evil job. The holidays start next week so it won't be long before I get to see him again.

On a funny note, James is out on a date with my ex-step-mom, I call her Grandma Jewels! Its weird to think of my friend/roommate and my step-mom doing it...Grandma Jewels was married to my Daddy for most of my childhood. She has been a close companion in my life, sometimes closer then my parents. Well a lot of times, she has been way closer and more supportive when they were no where to be found. I called her when my whole life fell apart. I lost my apartment, my car got impounded and my boyfriend left me for another chic and I had multiple warrants for delinquent tickets in excess of two grand. She bought me a car ($500)and drove me to court for each and every ticket. She was there when my children were born, holding my hand. And she walked me down the isle when Julio and I got married, because nobody else would. And whats more funny about them going out is my Dad's name is James (ok, not really, I made the name James up, but they have the same first name in real life!) It's not too odd that they are going out, they are both the same age and practically grew up in the same town. I only call her Grandma Jewels because that's what my kids call her. She thinks its hilarious to tell people she is a grandma (she was 14 when I was born, and I was 16 when Number One was born, and he's 10 now so you do the math) And last weekend James took his cousin out on a date and then did her, but that's for another time and place to tell!
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