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Default New to Poly and also writing a paper about communication

Hi I'm new to Polyamory,

I think I've always been polyamorous. In the past I have found monogamy confining and not true to my heart. Recently, a friend and I had a discussion and took our friendship a step further. This has also coincided with a new spiritual practice which has aided in my communication with him an now, our other love, her. I love him and her and they see others, at this time I'm open but haven't found anyone. As I grow in this relationship, I'm confronted and get to toss out my old ideas of mis/communication, thank goodness! Listening to my heart in such a new way is a freedom I never knew was possible. YAY! Anyhow, I am also a student, writing a paper on the benefits/ downsides of communication in relationships. Specifically, I am interested to hear others' experiences if they have found that communication in their poly life is better/ or not quality wise than those of past monogamous relationships..if there is even a comparison. I look forward to reading your thoughts on this.

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