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Hi I see clearly,

Yea..........brains are strange organs
They're designed to function by making and retaining associations. It's a survival tool and a shortcut mechanism.
This is really, REALLY important to understand in general because if we don't our brains control us instead of the other way around.

Right now you have a stored association with him being sexual with another woman as a negative thing. That's the program (for now). Ok............
But your logical side is telling you that's bunk. It doesn't pass the logic acid test.

So what to do ? Think about it.............

We reprogram the defective association. We replace it with a positive one. This is kind of what I think Svart was trying to say but coming more from a biological perspective. It's just how brains work in all animals. We're big products of our experiences but lost sight of the fact that we ARE in control of those programs. Some are harder to reprogram than others but they all CAN be reprogrammed - if we want to put in the effort. In this case the effort should be minimal and the benefits substantial Tell him to PLEASE do her and rub his back (or something) while he's doing it. Feel the passion and absorb it yourself.
Old program

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