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quoting this way since i can't seem to quote the actual texts for some reason

Eeeeep I mean B in that statement, damn alphabet soup hahaha...sorry..
well J was being a jerk too... B has NOT cornered the market on jerkiness... I wish I could come up with better references for them... both are very private and I don't want to have any searchables for them... so initials it must be...

Can you just turn off your phone after a certain time?
yes I could. but I have an emotionally disabled adult child so i make sure he can always reach me as needed.... truthfully my phone stays downstairs and we sleep upstairs... so had we gone to bed already we never would have heard the text or gotten the emails.

again I see now how badly I handled this... it was just a total shock to me that J would text me or ask for a phone call..

and to be honest... now that I think about this.. HUGE red flag for me... HUGE.... OMG I got an email from him when I got up this morning that he sent around 4 am that said :

wanted to talk to YOU first.....

and my spidey sense tingled... why am I suddenly the magical must talk to YOU first person.... part of me likes that as an ego stroke, part of me is scared.

he was mixing things up last night... talking about resiging his GM position (from our IRL gaming that we do which is how I met him and since next year I am the administrarive lead for the con I am technically involved in his choice... makes it awkward for me ) and OUR relationship all at the same time. Part of why I got him off the phone rather quickly was that he was making little to no sense to me... but the thing that concerned me was that he prides himself on being anti-social and not needing anyone and here he is at midnight... NEEDING and WANTING to talk to ME.... deep sigh... I like J. A LOT. He has his issues... don't we all... He likes ME... he told me he finds me "interesting"... and I know in HIS world and mind that is the highest compliment he can pay to anyone...

Last night set my guard up a few notches...
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