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Originally Posted by letgo View Post

We have been going out for seven years and I intend to marry him when the financial situation is right. I want to be with him for life, and will do just about anything to make this relationship work.
If your boyfriend is mono and can't embrace the idea of you with someone else, marraige is not something to go into lightly. His mono desire to be exclusive will likely be amplified by marriage. Marriage probably won't make him feel more secure in your relationship but it will likely make him feel more entitled to you being exclusive with him. I'm not totally talking out of my ass. I'm mono, in love with a poly woman who is married and it works beautifully. Trying to put myself in the position of being her husband is a different story....just be careful with that.

Originally Posted by letgo View Post
I told my BF we should come to a compromise that will make us both a little miserable, because it doesn't seem like we can come to a compromise that will make either of us happy!... He thinks I am losing nothing with our current compromise and that he is the miserable one and that I am just totally happy about it. .
Why settle for good when you could both achieve great? I don't mean to sound defeatist but why not find people who better suit your natures?

I hope you find both find happiness in this regardless of what this looks like but I also hope you don't rush into anything that will potentially make things

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