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well today has been a struggle.

B is soul searching... and we are stressing about it.

went to a party where a lot of the folks KNOW J. they also know I am starting a relationship with him and wanted to know how yesterday went... B was stressed... he's wondering now if he even wants to continue swinging or exploring the open marriage thing... Poly... well we don't even really mention that...

then it gets bad... I fell asleep on the couch with B trying to talk to me... then I hear my cell phone get a text... and it's midnight... and it's J. J never texts me... and he asks me to call him...

I call him and he is trying to ask if it's OK if he takes me away from B at this point of OUR saturday night. which was very very respectful... and B misunderstood it... it was hard... he stormed out. I had to hang up on J then calm B down and then I called J back...

J needed to vent and rant about the gaming world... it's a valid rant but not on a saturday night at midnight when he's had too much to drink....

oh this is so complicated... why does it have to hurt everyone.

I feel torn... it's my time with B. I was with J yesterday and yet he is very upset and needs to talk to me... it's the FIRST time he's needed to talk to me since we started this... and I could not be there for him...

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