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Originally Posted by DaylightStirring View Post
My boss and I are supposed to sit down and go over my schedule tomorrow. I'm really beginning to feel like I need to tell her that I don't want to be scheduled. But I can't put my finger on exactly what I want to do. I work 6 hours a week, so its not like the job takes over my life. The feeling I'm having is that I am ready to move on. To leave that life behind and get a 'real' job. Julio says that won't happen, even if I walk out the door with every intention of quitting; eventually I'll miss it and come running back. So maybe I should work on getting a new job and just drag this one out, til it just dies on its own. But that sounds so sad, I want to just put it down now and walk away happy.
ummmm 6 hours a week is not even considered part time. You could easily manage another "job" and work this job to. If you will miss that job, that implies you like it or something about it, why leave?
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