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Originally Posted by marksbabygirl View Post
But the fact that those things WERE brought to light was a good thing. We can fix those things now. And if we venture out into having other relationships again.... we'll be better equipped to handle things.
For many years (most of my marriage) there were little things that bugged me and I'm not even sure I would have been able to point a finger at exactly it was. I just lived with it and thought I had no choice, that was part of marriage. Then everything came crashing down in a big way. It wasn't until we started seen the marriage councelor that we discovered what exactly some of these other issues were and how it contributed to undermining our marriage. His actions would fuel my actions and vice versa, rarely with positive results.

Sometimes it's the small things that do the most damage so when that last thing is added everything comes toppling down with catastrophic results.

My biggest regret was that it took so long to realize what needed fixing and how to go about doing it.

((Hugs)) and best wishes.
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