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Originally Posted by Derbylicious View Post
We had a talk at our last poly meeting about communication and the ways in which one can chose to react to a situation. One of the things that was mentioned was denial. Well apparently I'm really good at denying something is bothering me. It all leaked out last night though.

I object to those I've never met and who I've not been given any choice in the matter being given that kind of information.

(so much for peace and joy and love huh?)
I get this. I understand it. I like to be vague and share what I want to share, and when something incredibly personal and private is shared without my consent, it does a lot to kill trust.

I firmly believe that joy and love are action words... and peace follows when you're working towards love and joy.

Thanks for the chatter last night though - sorry to dump on you... apparently when I drink I get chatty Should hear me when I'm on the phone LOL
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