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27 was one of the best years ever
17 was one of the best years ever
35 is so far the best year ever

Ironically, and sourgirl will likely agree. I am in a young town and have really lived the life of a 20 something well past its point of acceptance. While I am "mature" for this town, I look forward now, to settling and getting "old". I have thrown myself off of cliffs, ridden a mountain bike down 7000 ft of mountain at 60km's and hour, ziplined through jungles, gotten engaged in mexico, lived in hotels for extended period, partied and lived my life to the fullest making pretty much any and every mistake possible. I have taken full advantage of what I could in life when it comes to very little responsibility beyond myself and my loved ones

I look forward to finding my new place in life. I believe I am ready for that calmness that comes with family or loved ones instead of endless acquaintances.

For the first time in my life, I can't wait to see where I am in 5 years and am planning for a future beyond the tip of my nose.

Bring on age baby...wohooo
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