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Originally Posted by carl View Post
I had thought I'd want to know intimate details although the 'flow' of that information never really got off the ground. One thing that helped was, my intimate relationship with my SO has improved, but not because of her OSO. I think as long as our intimacy redevelops into something similar to how it used to be, I will likely be less curious and ask less questions.

There is a thread about this (I think) started by Tonberry? It depends on the people involved but personally I wouldn't pursue this Carl if your SO is reticent. In my own case we decided right away that out of respect for all parties we never discuss with the other person what we get up to separately in bed. It has worked out very well.
For all I know they could be dressing up as elephants and jumping off stepladders. Or they might be playing scrabble as foreplay. I really don't mind or need to know.
I am so glad that your intimacy has improved. That has got to be a good sign. You are you and she is making that effort.
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