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Time for an update finally.

I left gf in Boston all week to catch up on her things there, and to try and arrange a date w her M. He works downtown and she was hoping to do lunch. Well, that never transpired, instead he finally got the go-ahead from his Lady to have my gf over tomorrow (Sat) for half a day, lunch, activities, dinner. At first I was a bit upset b/c weekends are almost always for the 2 of us, but she hasnt seen him in about 3 wks, so it's OK.

This evening I texted my boytoy to see if he was free this weekend. I took my son back to his dad's this aft so I have my apt free. Offering usually never works w boytoy, he almost always initiates. But lo and behold and gosh and begorrah, he said he could consider either tonight after he gets off work, or tomorrow. He was invited to a party at a buddy's tonight.Finally he decided he better go to the party (after we did some fun sexting) but would come tomorrow.

Meanwhile this older man on okc has been msging me all week, v eager to meet. I dont think he's a huge match for me, but I finally PMed him he could come tomorrow night and take me out for drinks or dinner. Could just be a nice way to pass the evening. I'll see if he responds positively tomorrow.

So, hopefully keeping happily busy tomorrow while the gf is out w her man.

Boys boys boys.
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