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Originally Posted by LMRose View Post
I'm pretty sure that is why now, although at the time it did not come out that way. When he talked about being with others at that time there was no talk of love but more of a "I've always wanted to have sex with ____. We should have group sex so you can be with more people too." He felt that since I did not have as much sexual experience in my background that I missed out. It took sometime for him to understand that I did not feel like I missed out and that I only wanted to be with him and no one else sexually. It has only been recently that he decided that while he may like the idea of sex with others that he too cannot be with someone unless there was love involved. I am actually more comfortable with the idea that he is with someone he knows and loves versus some random person whom he does not know well but just is attracted to.
He probably just worded it wrong out of nervousness.
I like that idea better too. Being with someone you love and not just doing it for sex. It's good that his change of view has made you more happy with it too. I think you can both be very happy with this. =]
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