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Originally Posted by pixie View Post
Pretty much....and I think it's a terrific thing no shame whatsoever!
I'm glad it works for you. =] I've tried it and never enjoyed it. I'm in love with love itself and enjoy having closeness, even without sexual activity. =]

I guess we're still defining what our relationship exactly is, and that is a protracted process due to the long-distance component. I've just personally started some research into the philosophy of open relationships/polyamory (was aware of terms and the existence of a community but that was that) to help me figure out how I want this relationship to work.
Yeah, I'm rather new to the term polyamory too. As I said, I would call your situation polyamory, but everyone's polyamory is different. I think if you're happy and they are all happy, it could easily be seen that way though.

Thankyou :-) I agree my personal happiness is my priority - one of my life philosophies now is that ultimately noone else is going to put you first, so you should put yourself first! (when it comes to equal relationships obv.....children are different, I don't have those yet!)
Agreed 100% =] Making someone else happy by sacrificing your own happiness only causes a ton of emotional problems. Children are different because they can't actually help themselves though. Once they are old enough to look after themselves, it all becomes about you again. =]
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