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Thanks, I'll read through all that carefully and those links, thankyou

Just to clarify a few things if it makes any difference
- a few of my affairs have been ongoing (well, two to be precise) just never, from my point of view, felt like they were ever going to be long term. The other parties in those knew of my open status from the start; from mutual friends in one case, and the other started as a one-nighter and then turned out we got on as well, but it was always a casual fwb kind of thing, although genuine friendship.

- we don't have secrets, I don't make any attempt to hide anything - my fundamental requirement in this relationship is communication and honesty, I've never been so honest with anyone. He just doesn't particularly want to hear about my affairs especially details. He does know about some that come up in natural conversation. He answers honestly when I ask about his. Personally I would prefer we were totally voluntarily open about it all - but I think he struggles with jealousy more than me so I respect his wishes.

- this new man I did not meet through a dating site, I don't use those, so there is no profile for him to check! I met him just chatting in a random public situation and swapped numbers, there are no mutual friends. It just doesn't seem like something to bring up via phone/text (how we're communicating now) and not sure about discussing it on a first date, before even of us even know if this is an important thing or not. I think there could be a great friendship here if the romance doesn't turn out and I don't want to blow everything early on by making it unneccesarily complicated.

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