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I've been that guy before. Figured out what I wanted half way through the relationship. Unfortunately, it went downhill for me and I lost someone I loved because I opened up. It hurt for a long time.

I think he is pushing you to explore, because it would make him feel more comfortable about doing it himself. He knows what he said hurt you and feels that if you experienced it, you'd understand just like him. But because you're strongly not for it yourself, just keep strong about it. Maybe encourage him to do it though. Putting too much control over what he does makes it harder for him to really enjoy it.

As for basic rules like no children and no sex in your presence... Those are pretty important rules for any relationship. They can be a hard thing for anyone to deal with.

I like the idea of cuddles. I love that it is something you are ok with too. I think being close to your partner's partner can really help their relationship and yours. The love and trust is already there. With those, communication becomes a lot easier... and communication is the most important thing.

With all that said, welcome to the forum. =] If ever you need someone to talk to on a one to one basis, feel free to send a PM my way. =]
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