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I know with 100% confidence that not all men, or women subscribe to gender roles, in my experience it's the minority...thank goodness !

And yes RP - agree with you that it's up to the individuals to find their own path as they go along...
The problems in my marriage actually were not at all "script" based....that relationship was a whole different story really..

I hope I didn't sound like I was harsh on the concept of marriage, or settling down. I do support that, it's just not my focus or objective...for this point in my life.

Culture is an interesting point to raise...
I think the country you were born in, or live in, or the values of that culture are a huge influence. Especially for women...It is sadly the case, that your country of origin has a huge influence on the choices you can make. Or the relationships you can define within your life..
I think a woman living in america has a huge number of choices available, and a much higher level of control over her opposed to say, a woman living in Indonesia..

Cultures do change over time, and individuals do have the power to change "culture". It's certainly not universal though...there's lots of places in the world where it is much, much, harder to change cultural values and biases...particularly for females, who continue to suffer within many cultures.
Not to mention the fact that acting outside cultural values can be pretty dangerous in some cultures....particularly for women. I don't feel we can talk about changing culture in general there are thousands of cultures around the world..each with their own pitfalls and strengths..
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