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Well, I am 55, pansexual, queer, separated and divorcing my husband. I'm in a relationship with a woman now, for almost 2 yrs, but we dont live together, just spend several days a week together at her place or mine. We live 20 miles apart. My 19 yr old son lives with me part time.

Ive had an idea I'd also like a local boyfriend who wants to be a real part of my life, do things together, travel, museums, eating out or cooking together, movies, get to know my kids and gf, etc. Havent found him, after 2 long years! I have had some great experiences with men over the 2 yrs, as well as several (fairly minor) heartaches. But nothing long lasting except for one faithful boytoy, good for a fantastic booty call and some laughs.

But I sure don't wanna live with a guy any time soon and I dont want to ever get married again... I might move in w my gf some day, but thats up in the air. I love being with a woman, she is such a better communicator than my ex, or any other man I've dated the past 2 yrs.

Before I met her I thought I'd just be dating casually for a while. Funny how the universe brought her to me before I even knew I wanted her. Thanks, Venus!
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