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Default New and Learning

Hello Everyone!

I am a monogamous 29 year old female who is a long term relationship with someone who has recently admitted to being polyamorus. Our relationship started as a monogamous one and it was not until the last two years that he has expressed the desire for an outside relationship and just recently came to the conclusion that he was polyamorus.

At first he made it sound like he missed out on some sort of grand sexual escapade and wanted to capture it before he died but did not want to lose our relationship because he loved me and wanted to be with me. Naturally I was first hurt thinking that he felt I was inadequate. Then insecure wondering what was wrong with me. And finally angry/ resentful because when we started our relationship, we discussed outside relationships and how I felt it was not something I could handle so why after all this time together is he pushing for outside sexual relations. I was happy that he was at least talking to me but still hurt/angry. It did not help that he was pushing for me to go out and explore as well. It was like he could not understand that I did not want sex with anyone else other than him and I became resentful that he would try and push me into something I did not want nor feel comfortable with.

Sometime has passed since then and adjustments have been made. He has come to the conclusion that while he likes the idea of sex with others he could not perform unless there was love involved. We have come to the agreement that while he can have relationships with others to please refrain from actual intercourse as I do not want the risk of having to deal with another woman's child in our relationship. I expect him to be sure of this person ( I do not wish to get some STD because he got into lust with some chick) and that she be made aware of the situation so that I do not have some jealous lover drama because he will not leave me for her and to respect my wishes that all sexual foreplay/activities be done outside of my presence because while I may accept intellectually that it may happen and that he loves me and will not leave me for another it is another thing emotionally.

He recently expressed interest in our best friend. She introduced us, we both love her, and he is attracted to her/she to him. I reiterated that while he may commence in the heavy petting and such to please refrain for things of a sexual nature in front of me. I am OK with her sleeping over with us and cuddling but to please keep the sexual aspect out of my sight as it bothers me emotionally. They have both agreed and are happy with those terms. I do not mind her coming over and hanging with us and sleeping over cuddling as I love her and trust her not to threaten my relationship with him. I just cannot handle anything sexual in my presence as it disturbs me emotionally. Like the saying goes, "Out of sight, out of mind." This works best for me and they accept and respect it for which I am grateful.

So here I am trying to learn how to work with him while he exlores this new aspect of his life.
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