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Originally Posted by DaylightStirring
I only RSVP'd for one to my Christmas party
I find it kinda funny how the problem with the Christmas party resolved itself, now that Julio is gone...I guess I'm still going to be the only one going!

Which brings up another point, its going to be hard to move things along with Haylee now. I will still try to mingle with her at the Christmas party. I asked Julio to text her and let her know he's gone, she responded back, "I heard, Ellen told me last night." Julio said he just didn't really know what to say back to that, I agreed that it has been hard initiating communication with her. I'm also seriously talking to Julio about a career change (for me), if that happens (probably in the next two weeks) I may not ever see Haylee...

But...there is another girl I haven't found the time to mention yet. She doesn't really come up too often, Julio met her while he was still working on the last job and it was unclear that we would ever bump into her again. More interestingly, her story fits really well into a dream I had before he came home. I'll call her Dawn. He started a conversation with her today over text and then called me to tell me about it. The conversation was along the lines that she asked if he was going to stop back in and visit her. He clarified that he is no where near the town she lives in, but now that he has a job he can afford a girlfriend and a wife. And she seemed receptive, but made the comment that she ended her last relationship because she never got to see the guy. (why do girls always find ways to complicate things. Why not just say what they mean to say?)
So up until now nothing seemed to be happening with her, this is exciting news. I hope I get to meet her soon. Julio said she is coming to my town in two months and he already offered her a place to stay while she is visiting.
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