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My name is Rachel. I am 5'8''ish, with brown eyes and curly brown hair. I just turned 30 in July and am thrilled to leave my twenties behind me.

I am a writer and full-time student studying English. I have the luxury of spending most of my time on my education, my relationships, my artwork, and my writing. My last 9-5 was at a metalworking school and gallery, where I directed the gallery, did administrative work for the school, and assisted in education and special projects. I hope to never work a 9-5 again, unless it is for myself. I will stay in school as long as it remains possible.

I am wife to Damncatfish these past four years. I love him immensely, and it's getting better all the time as I find more to love about myself. Our foray into polyamory thus far has included exhaustive conversations, a couple of crushes that haven't panned out, lots of reading this forum and other sources of information, and much self-reflection.

D and I have realized that we both have at least one friend with whom we want to explore a deeper relationship, and we can sometimes laugh at all of the guarded, encrypted bullshit that happened before we got up the balls to talk to each other about polyamory, which we've been skirting around for a few years now.

Sometimes it hurts because it was really hard and tested our love almost to the point of breaking it, but I refuse to look at these experiences as wasted time or unnecessary pain because I believe we needed all of it to get where we are today. There is still much to discuss and lots of fear on both of our parts about being hurt or hurting each other, but through all of this, we have become closer than we ever were and are crazy in love again. We are growing together again.

We live in and love Michigan, and our community, Kalamazoo, which is a special place unlike anywhere I've lived where the people believe in arts and education. In Kalamazoo, every public school student that goes k-12 receives a full scholarship to any college or university in Michigan by way of a group of anonymous investors. ( Kalamazoo Promise) This is just one example of the unbelievable community that we are a part of.

I will let D tell you about his band and banjo- we have lots of friends who play and gig and tour and we have music all around us.

I love to travel, love to talk, love to learn. I am a decent gardener and cook when I try. I am a bit of an extreme personality- lots of opposites that fit together to make my life- very social when I choose to be-hermit when I need to be. Focused at times, complete mess at others, etc.

I love my life.
"Rocks will open and make a way for the lover."
~Hazrat Inayat Khan

I love Catfish and Charlie.

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