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We had another chat yesterday, didn't move forward on anything I have been whinging about in my last few posts... didn't mention anything along those lines at all.

K brought the subject up and I just let him get it out, I had him read a little of the stuff on xeromag, he wasn't much impressed.

i am hoping to have the guts tonight to sit down and really go through the xeromag stuff, and also this forum (thats where the guts come in - letting him read these posts... sigh... i am finding it very difficult to let him simply because of baggage from my ex - when I separated from him - he hacked all my email/facebook/msn accounts and posed as me, threatened my friends etc - now I have no fears of that with K but I am finding it hard to let him into my internalisations as a result...being this open shouldn't be this big of a deal to me, I know we are committed to working through this together so what the hell am I afraid of???)

anyway, hopefully he will sign up and start talking on here to get help with the things he is feeling... those of you who are mono and willing to chat to him if he does sign up please welcome him if/when he does - or maybe let me know who you are so I can nudge him in your direction?
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