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Wow...big day yesterday. Julio got a job in another state and had to leave first thing this morning. No warning he's just gone It's great news that he has a job, but it was completely unexpected. We had buckled down and were prepared to sit out the rest of the winter with him unemployed (his line of work typically picks back up in the spring). And to top it off he is irreplaceable at home. He gets bored from not working and channels all his energy toward home projects, deep cleaning and everyday chores. To me, having him home is worth so much more then any size check. We've tried different things to make it work out so this doesn't happen, I quit school and traveled with him, and he's tried quitting and finding a local job. We've resigned to the fact that this is just how it has to be for now.

I went to my calculus teacher yesterday to talk to him about my grades. He wouldn't budge, he said no extra credit or curving, end of story. But he did say that I sit just a couple points off my minimum grade of a B. So I may pass the class after all. I really need to put every spare moment of the next 5 days toward studying for my final exam. That's going to be harder now that Julio is gone. Why couldn't he just wait 5 days to leave?

The good news is I have James (our friend) and his son Jimmy living with me now. Jimmy is officially moving in and will be paying rent. Between the two of them I have built in house sitters for holidays and weekends. I like to call my kids Number One and Number Two, so to clarify Number Two is the one making accusations. He's upset that Julio is gone and his comment this morning at breakfast is, 'Why didn't James leave?' (in a demanding tone.)

NyCindie- I think your on to something. We live in a tight knit religious community and lately Number Two has been really developing a close relationship with the neighbor boy his age, they tend to gossip about school stuff when they are together. And although I feel the relationship is positive one for Number Two, it could be generating discriminating behavior. It makes a lot of sense that his parents and others in the community may be gossiping about an affair, and it could have just trickled down to this neighbor boy. I don't always pay attention to what my situation looks like from the outside. Lol, even though we are not part of this religion, Number Two has joined it last year and with pressure from his new friend he has pushed to start going again. I agreed to take him to church on Sunday, I may have to drop some hints with the ladies about my affair! ha ha, people have too much time on there hands.
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