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Default Am I a coward?

Am I coward?...I think I might be...I have been thinking about it for days now...really a little bit since the wedding, and my anger over making one of my guests (Mr. A) uncomfortable because he couldn't really tell how he knew us.

I've always been afraid of rejection, ALWAYS. It's kept me from acting...ask TP she had to ask me out after 2+ weeks of talking on msn before our first date because I was too afraid she would say no, or go out with me and then reject High School, in University...I hesitate because I fear that fear has manifested itself in a fear to tell my family about the whole shebang that is my Poly lifestyle. It's a total fear of my family reacting badly...but it's not like there's overwhelming evidence that they would, it's just the fear of the unknown....and it's that fear that has affected my life for a's fed my shyness (which I have overcome) it's fed my's made me a coward when it comes to my life...I talk a good talk about it being my life and if you don't like it, you don't have to live it or be a part of it...but it's not true. I really am a coward when it comes to the unknown.
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