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Originally Posted by Ariakas;55369=

...4 weeks my love, I will make sure I remember this one
I knew you`d be all excited for your strap .

To the OP : Everyone gets their knickers in a knot, over various things. Your questions were valid ones, that many males feel. Being a valid question, does not mean that its a correct train of thought. Ariakas was just a good example of this. Just because he cheekily typed; 'SourGirlSubmissive' doesn`t make it true. People who have 'been there done that' are probably going to be more blunt, instead of hand-holding and coddling negative thinking. That`s a good thing.

The old saying 'Life is what you make of it' tends to be very true, in these kind of situations.

I think Neon Khaos hit on something. You were probably more 'musing' outloud/in type,...It would of belonged in the blog section then.

Lesson learned, no harm no foul... if you choose to see the bright side.

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