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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I happen to agree with Ari and I didn't think he was directing his comment to you polynHR, but making a point about "some" men. I have heard from several poly men about the fact that it is hard to find women... some have been annoyingly whiny about it and some just stating a fact.
This is correct. I wasn't directing, I was simply speaking out loud.

I posted the info because about 8 moons ago I was saying the exact same stuff. I had my hand slapped (by multiple people) and it woke me up. I felt like doing the same might help. Finding the right person is one thing, blaming the fact you are a poly male is something entirely different.

Originally Posted by SourGirlSubmissive
*bows* No problem. I try to be there for my people.

If he gets out of hand again, I`ll lend ya my strap.
...4 weeks my love, I will make sure I remember this one
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