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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
This comment hurt the OP? I agree it comes across as a bit harsh, but I put it down to Ariakis being a "Dominant" and therefore having a different take on so-called proper masculine behavior than others might have. For the record, I say, complain all you want about not finding the right girl yet! I complain all the time about not having found Mr Right!

This thread is not in Life Stories and Blogs and is therefore fair game for "lively discussion and debate".

•Respect the Blogs

The "Life Stories & Blogs" board exists for members to chronicle their journeys. It's a place for personal narratives about relationships. While discussion of what's posted is expected, those threads are not a place for open debate--they are personal chronicles. If you read something there that you just have to debate, start a discussion about that topic on the General board. If you try to argue on somebody's personal story thread, the post can be removed at the request of the member who started the thread.
If the OP would rather create a thread that is for his or her (Any OP - I realize the OP of this thread is male) personal "vent" space, they may do so in LS&B.

This caveat is in the User Guidelines and if one is not familiar with that thread, I suggest one bring oneself up to speed.
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