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You are right Fitchick
Originally Posted by FitChick View Post
If she really wants babies and he can't give that to her,he needs to let her go.
This is my worry that S would like to hang on to this in the hope that she will be happy enough to be with him for now. We cant live like this! Neither is it fair on her or on me. Its like a noose hanging over our heads. I do also feel it gives her false hope that in time the situation will change. He told her to , "be patient" and she will be happy which could be misleading. What he meant is that she should let things flow as they are and she will still be happy with what we have.

So the last time she broke it off( apparently she has done so may times during the affair) she continued to work as his assistant and the tension could be cut with a knife. They ended up making up after 2 weeks and we were back to square one. Another attempt would have to be a complete severe of contact, other than that, its pointless to even try.
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