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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I thought I would add more to is as it's so juicy and ripe, it needed more juice.

On the FB group I belong to we have been talking about the foundations of poly and this is what has come up so far. Admittedly, most of it from me...

I am adding the building blocks now that the foundation is underway... I will add that in another post.

here it is.

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Poly Foundations - Thoughts?

  • * Self-knowledge
  • * Acting consistently so that others might trust your intention and way of being.
  • * Confirming to others that your values, morals and ethics are not going to change, but that you are flexible within them.

  • * Self respect
  • * Respect for others
  • * Not making assumptions about who others are but finding out and cherishing that

  • * Honesty
  • * True desire to share
  • * Checking in with others
  • * Asking for what one needs and giving to others what they need
  • * Checking in on what a persons personal description and definition is for themselves on poly and poly related topics and issues.
  • * Active listening

  • * Intuition
  • * Being compassionate with other peoples feelings
  • * Meeting people where they are at with no expectations
  • * Trust your gut not rationalizations
  • * Separating ego from a relationship with another long enough to allow ourselves to really feel what it might be like to be in their shoes.
I like this too RP..what is the name of the FB group? Me and my bf would both be interested in taking a look
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