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I see here that you're showing signs of interest in the topic of polyamory, unlike some of the spammers mentioned here:

Welcome to the forum. Please change your "signature" so that it does not advertise commercial web sites.

We are in the process of changing Site Guidelines in order to make explicit which kinds of links are not to be allowed, as it appears that the Guidelines only mention which kinds of site links are allowed.

It is necessary to disallow commercial site links unrelated to polyamory because otherwise our forum would be peppered with "stealth spam" posts, which are not true participation in the forum but only really a form of commercial advertising.

During my tenure here as a moderator of this forum, I've had to zap hundreds and hundreds of spam posts. These disrupt the forum and litter it with virtual trash. I held back in your case because you may simply not be aware of the problem -- and also because our Site Guildelines are inadequate to deal with "stealth spam".

Welcome aboard!
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