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Originally Posted by polynHR View Post
You know some of the people on here are full of themselves. I wasn't complaining just making and observation. You know we all aren't as seasoned as some of the folks on here. I'm sure if I try harder enough I will be successful. Due to the lack of good advice on this site I will find it hard to come back.
I like to offer what I can in the hopes that people take it or leave it. I see it as my gift to the community. Sometimes people don't want a gift and see it as some kind of vain way of making myself out to be better than them.

Meh, whatever if they do, it's not my problem and I just leave them with their miserable belief that the world is out to get them and that I am part of that.... Getting emotionally involved with what people say isn't all that helpful unless you want to drive yourself insane with it I have found... I did that when I first came here, just because I had never been on a forum before and didn't get the etiquette.

Now I enjoy the responses I get and the challenge to think beyond myself. Sometimes I get pissed off, but mostly because people sometimes make blanket statements that I think are out of judgement/passive aggressive behaviour. I understand that perhaps they are not good at communicating their needs and so I ask... sometimes they are just making a point outside of what I thought they were saying. It seems to work to ask before jumping to conclusions.

You have a good thread going here polynHR because you brought up a good question. There is always going to be different takes on EVERYTHING, that is what makes a good forum and why people read them... they want to hear different takes and decide for themselves. hopefully you will decide to do the same.

I happen to agree with Ari and I didn't think he was directing his comment to you polynHR, but making a point about "some" men. I have heard from several poly men about the fact that it is hard to find women... some have been annoyingly whiny about it and some just stating a fact.
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