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Redpepper, wow I am not really sure where to begin. I guess thank you is a good start... I have been re-reading and thinking about your reply for the last day.

You have given me some options I did not even consider that really do make a lot of sense.

I can relate very much to the situation with your friend. The only exceptions being Erika and I were never physically involved in the past, and I wish I had your resolve. Neither one of regrets what happened but taking a time out to talk about what were going to be getting into would have been a better option.

I have already taken your advice and have decided to be the friend she needs at this moment in time. I could not really read her last night when I told her I just wanted to cuddle with Jill and her. It was not like she was disappointed.. or hurt.. maybe melancholy could describe it?

Thank you once again for the advice. Erika is someone Jill and I love and do want to be part of our lives for a very long time.
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