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Just a little bit of an update... Finals are coming full-blast, three last big assignments, all due next week, and four big exams next week. So I'm pretty busy with school.

I'm feeling a lot better than I was when I last posted. I'm not happy with the situation, certainly, but it's more of a dull ache than the searing unhappiness that it was that night.

I've started talking to a few people now on OK Cupid, one especially. Can't say for sure if anything will come of any of them at this point, but it's encouraging just to be able to talk openly with people who know that I'm poly.

Mal's expressed some discomfort with poly in general over the past few days, but we're definitely still talking about it, and I *think* that it's mostly him dealing with some of the potential realities of poly. I told him that at this point I could drop poly, and move on; I wouldn't like it, but I could do it. Then I told him my fear would be that we would end up having the poly discussion again in the future, only next time there would be a person waiting in the wings, and the discussion would be much more difficult. Mal's conclusion was that, while he still wants to keep talking about poly, he's still cool with me messaging people on OK Cupid. So, hopefully things will keep working out fine. I'm a little frightened that when I actually want to meet a potential partner he's going to object, but there isn't much to do for that but to keep talking, keep being honest with each other about where we're at, and see what happens. I'd much rather hear from him now that he's uncomfortable than to have him hide it until it comes to a point where he's totally uncomfortable and needs me to stop NOW. At least at this point we're mostly on the same page.
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