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I should add one thing...

Not all loving relationships last a long time as such. Some do, some don't, and it doesn't mean that it isn't love if it doesn't last a long time in a particular form.

I say this because when young people are exloring love-and-sex their relationships are often not of long duration. And I don't want to be misunderstood concerning what I said about the relation of love and sex, above. One of the main ways young people learn the valuable lessons of love-and-sex is to get heart-broken, again and again. To get "dumped", to suffer the pain of "dumping".... To break up on good terms.... That's how we learn to ride a bike or ice skate--by falling and learning how not to fall. Why should it be any different in learning about love-and-sex? Also, some loving relationships which are also sexual relationships are just mutually understood to be of short duration. I've had a couple of powerful love-experiences of this kind. Love doesn't always mean of long duration or permanent bonding.

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