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It's is kind of a rite of passage for newbies to be flirted with at poly meets. After all, we all need to know who's dateable amongst the small population of poly people. I wouldn't take it as any more than a complement and enjoy.
I love it when newbies come for the first few times and are excited to be there and super flirty. What makes me kind of sad is that I sometimes get flirted with and then they find out I'm not available sexually and don't bother talking to me after that. That has happened before now. Its an age old thing of only being worth something if you are free to fuck. That is what relationships are most often about and what is consider worthwhile when looking for a female partner.

Meh, its their loss as I make a great friend and am a really good resource and make self available to chat about poly (etc). It has certainly helped me find friends and lovers that are a good match for me.
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