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Originally Posted by polynHR View Post

Due to the fact that there are more guys who claim to be poly than females who are poly. I believe that is what makes it easier for the gals instead of the guys. Then couple with the fact that the ones that claim to be poly only to have casual sex with a woman.
Stop and listen to what you just wrote and consider how that actually makes it HARDER, not EASIER, for poly women to find partners. Especially poly women who are ALREADY partnered. I came out as poly to 2 or 3 close male friends and they got all "Oh good, when can I have sex with you?"

So yes, it is easier for poly women to find someone TO GET LAID WITH, as you say in the part that I underlined above. But it is equally difficult for poly women to find GOOD PARTNERS precisely BECAUSE poly is perceived as "promiscuous". It is the exact same thing as poly men go through, but from the other side of the looking glass.

Originally Posted by polynHR View Post
I also wish us males that are true poly could some how show these women that their are some of us who are thoughtful, caring and loving.
"There" not "their".

So go do it then. Why "wish" for it. I think most of the men on this forum set a pretty good example. Ariakas, Imaginary Illusion, Catfish, to name just a few.
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