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Originally Posted by polynHR

Two months after starting this she met her other partner. That relationship is going strong. We have let the dynamics of that relationship sink in. Its not that I'm trying to rush into something or trying to do one better. Its actually her pushing me to find a partner of my own. This is because as she says she wants me to experiencing the joy of another partner. So my journey of finding another partner started roughly four months ago.
Oh, sorry, I misunderstood! When you wrote that she had met a few potential partners, it sounded to me as if you two were still testing the waters but nothing had happened for either one of you yet:
Originally Posted by polynHR
My wife and I have been learning and living the poly lifestyle for about a year. In this year she has met several potential partners. However, in the year I have met none.
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An excellent blog post on hierarchy in polyamory:

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