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Default My Travels Continued

After spending 5-1/2 days in Milwaukee, then 12-1/2 days in Chicago, I am now in Atlanta for 6-1/2 days all for business.

It's been a fiasco, to say the least, and I've been missing out on loads of quality time with P. He occupies himself and seems to handle it well but I don't want the seed to grow in his mind that I will begin to be just as unavailabe as H, thereby, defeating the original purpose of this relationship.

The time we have managed to have together in between my travels has been nice. He picked me up from the airport, the day before Thanksgiving, during my short visit home and I got to spend an hour or so with him then. Then he picked me up from the airport this past Sunday when I went home briefly and we spent a little over an hour with each other. Then we managed to squeeze in a couple of hours Monday evening before I prepared to fly out this morning. We've also continued to share small tokens expressing our yearning for each other and sentiment.

He sent me the most heart-tugging message Sunday night after our short quality time. He said, "I miss you even more now that you are in town." <3

So, now, I'm in Atlanta horny, mentally blah, and longing for P. Though, I have plenty of opportunity in Atlanta to have company and more, since I used to live here a little over two years ago, I want the connection more versus the sexual healing so that keeps me at bay. I don't have any real 'poly' prospects here, though, either. The one Atlanta guy I believe contains the qualities that would keep me occupied, is traditional, in pretty much every sense of the word, when it's all said and done.

Oh well...

I don't celebrate traditional holidays but I do give P monthly gifts. I am having the damnedest time finding what I want to give him for this month. H actually bought one of the gifts I was going to purchase for P, though, she suggested that I buy it since she was purchasing its complement (somewhat). Somehow, she was unclear of whether or not I Was going to buy it and she didn't bother to inquire after the discussion so ... whatever.

Okay, I guess I'll try to relax and get some real sleep. OH...sidenote...I actually slept through most of my flight from Denver to Atlanta this morning. That's how I know I was Really tired because I feel that I Have to stay awake and alert when flying.

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