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Originally Posted by Somegeezer View Post
I make friendship my top goal. Anything more is a bonus. =]
I look at this differently but get what you mean. I don't see it as a bonus, I never liked the term "friends with benefits" because that indicates that sex is a bonus and that other friends are less in some way. I prefer "intimate friends." This to me indicates the nature of the friendship rather than the quality... as if sex denotes the quality.

I have a friend that is an 87 year old woman, she is a greater and more dedicated friend of mine than the guy friend I have that on occasion I play with... see what I mean?

I think part of the problem with our culture is the pedestal we put sex on. It sends the wrong message about a persons worth, especially women. Somehow women have it in there head, more often than not it seems, that there worth as a partner, and now even as a friend (!) is based on the sex the put out... that their worth as a "bonus" is based on sexuality not on how good a friend they are.
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