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Thanks for all the birthday wishes.. I took the day off to forum, catch up on emails and commitments I have made to people on line. I will go for a walk later and have lunch with my parents. Make some soup from the Reebar cook book and eat it with PN and LB before my mono night when we will have a fire, some tea and some good good lovin' all good.

Last night we had a fun night singing Karaoke, Derby came and some other friends, including a woman in my community that has lost a love killed in Afghanistan. She is now single and so sad... I sang Bette Midler "The Rose" for her and we were all reminded of the fact that love grows from a seed inside of us that blossoms into something huge and beautiful when we let it.

Happy birthday to the numerous sag's in my life. I love you all and cherish each and every one of you
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