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Originally Posted by booklady78 View Post
Our friends have been completely amazing, very supportive and accepting of our partners. Our families have ranged in reaction from indifference to hostility. I find that the best advice in coming out is to be prepared to answer questions and address genuine concerns, but unless you're very confident and comfortable, it's not worth getting into a debate over. I've repeated some of the same answers to the same questions over and over again with some people. They "Just can't believe" what I tell them. It's like they have to "win" the discussion somehow and need me to admit, "Oh, you're right, I do love my husband MORE than my boyfriend", which is totally untrue.
Ok, one more piece of advice. Those that do support you in coming out are an invaluable part of the process. I don't think we could have done it without them <3
This is the best coming out post I have seen! There is some really good thoughts and advice in here... thanks booklady, you put words to my thoughts and I am grateful for that. The only think I would add is to be empathetic to those you come out to and patient.
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