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Originally Posted by River View Post
Thanks, Ready2Fly, for bringing this bit of poly history to our awareness! I bet there are other examples, too.
François Miterrand (French President) had a second partner and a daughter with her, they lived very close, he saw them pretty much every day and Miterrand's wife was aware of everything (although it seems it started out as an affair. It's hard to be sure as things like that can be presented as affairs even when they aren't). They were together from the 60s to his death in 96 (he met his legal wife in the 40s I believe).

He hid his second family from the public until 94, but his friends knew, as well as a bunch of journalists. (It has changed a bit since, but at the time France was of the opinion that politicians' private lives were nobody's business, so it's not something they felt they should publish, until Miterrand himself said so). The second family actually had protection with bodyguards and the like, just like the first one.

When it was revealed, I wouldn't say it was much of a scandal. I was pretty young but I've only ever remembered it mentioned as a matter of fact. I think it can be received either way, as worse than an affair or as a non-issue, it probably depends a lot on the context.
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