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It's true, women do get hit on more than men. Men are just more aggressive.

But there's a flip side. I've been separated and dating for 2 years. In that time, I met and partnered with a lovely woman (I'm also a woman). She's great, but we are both bi and poly and looking for others to add to our lives.

I've dated about 2 dozen men and only 2 of them have worked out long term (about 19 mos for both, and counting). There is a degree of commitment there, but both relationships are somewhat long distance and we see each other less frequently than I'd like.

Of all the other men, I've had my heart knicked over and over again. Most of them have been commitment-phobes, cheaters, users, players pretending to be poly, outright liars, depressed, arrogant, self-unaware, or just plain boring. The so-called Doms were sexually repressed dom-asses and the subs had such low self esteem it was a turn-off.

And I've tried to be very picky and screen each one as carefully as I could online before meeting in person! Now, I see I've got to have even higher standards. So, you see why women are shy about dating. Men can be such pigs.
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