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My work Christmas party is coming up soon and Haylee will be there. It's going to present a rare opportunity to spend time with her again, as Julio brought up tonight. Julio and I are arguing about it though, not in the context of seeing Halyee, but he and I already discussed going to a big party the night prior and he initially refused to consider two nights of partying in a row (the work party being a waste of his time.) Now he is upset about it even though he said in the first place that he didn't want to go.

I was too busy with homework to really discuss it with him tonight before bedtime, but I'm not interested in choosing one or the other. Even if we stay up all night and get trashed at the first party, I still have to wake up in the afternoon and go to work immediately prior to the second party(so I'll be at work no matter what.) This is a completely irrational idea in his mind, and he's starting to become upset that I don't understand his point of view and I think the idea that I only RSVP'd for one to my Christmas party is bothering him. We'll see.

And...we drew names for Christmas gift exchange for this work party and I got Haylee's name! I can't believe out of everybody I would get her! It's only a $25 limit and I feel pressured to find something incredible, I'm nervous about the fact that I don't really know her well enough to shine on this one...

Our interaction has been incredibly limited since the last time we hung out in the bar. Just a casual text here and there. Seeing her at the work party will be difficult because of pressure to appear 'normal' in front of peers. It is also on a Sunday night, so extra curricular activities would be difficult to accommodate around our respective families and obligations.
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