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Thanks Mono,

I love your supportive comments that I've read in other posts. You are a priceless asset to this forum. I think my comment was a mix of alcohol and feeling the need to yell out to the world how silly I think the idea of monogamy sounds, nothing personal.

On to a completely random situation that really hit me today. My 9 year old son has decided that I am having an affair. He first mentioned it about a month ago, but now that he hasn't quit the idea it seems like I might need to sit him down and really address the situation directly with him. Of course I am not having any sexual relations with anyone aside from my husband (yet). But recently a mutual friend moved into our spare bedroom, he is twice my age and became friends with my husband first. Oddly enough his wife left him because she was fraught with anger and jealousy and accused him of an affair with me. Now my child is making accusatory comments regarding it too. Unless my son has phoned this man's ex-wife there has been no obvious reference to explicit behavior mentioned in his presence. And in my son's words, its the way we look at each other. I'm completely ambushed by my son's concern, there is no doubt in my mind that this friend has inappropriate thoughts about me, but my 9 year old can see it as clear as day. (I'll call our roommate James) More importantly, James has never touched me inappropriately or made suggestive comments. The two concerns I'm having are, what is my son worried about? And when Julio and I do bring another person into our relationship will my son be the first to notice?

In other news, I have decided my growing pains with school are self-inflicted and I just need to back off and take everything one day at a time. Once I do that, I won't be so traumatized by perceived issues about what I should or shouldn't do. Finals are next week and until then all I can do is prepare.
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