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Originally Posted by julanders View Post
Just curious how many of you communicate your lifestyle with you mono friends and how you incorporated your partners into your circle of friends?

Have you had instances of being judged or criticised? or shunned? general acceptance?

Do you keep it from your friends? from family?

I guess just looking for general experiences.

Thank you all.
Our family has been accepting of our being poly. We have only had one friend who could not handle it. She SAID she could....because...of all things...Her brother was gay. Whatever. Then, when we opened up on Facebook, (she was one of our friends on there) she got upset, and thought we were possibly damaging our children by being so open with our 13 y/o and our 19 y/o. Again...Whatever!

When L told her mom, her mom told her, that they (her parents) were in a similar relationship when she (my wife) was younger.

My mom had no problems with it. Neither have any of our other friends. Just the one.

I have told several co-workers. Why? Because I don't want V to come to the shop, and be kissing me, then they feel like they have to keep quiet around my wife L. LOL So, I let them know that V is our girlfriend, and my wife knows about her, and she knows about my wife....and that we are fact...seeing each other! The guys all ask: "WOW! How did you get your wife to go for that, and how can I get in on the action????" And the women all ask: "And your wife is ok with this? Sounds pretty cool to me and it looks like it works. You've really been married for 20 years?"

So yeah, the men generally want to know how they can hook up with my wife since we must be "swingers"....while the women want to know more about how it works.
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