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Originally Posted by julanders View Post
Just curious how many of you communicate your lifestyle with you mono friends and how you incorporated your partners into your circle of friends?

Have you had instances of being judged or criticised? or shunned? general acceptance?

Do you keep it from your friends? from family?

I guess just looking for general experiences.

Thank you all.
The worst reaction I had was from a former friend who is in an open relationship with her spouse. Apparently it's okay for them to screw other people, but when we got feelings involved, well that was just "unfair" to Indigo and he didn't even realize he was being "used."

My immediate family knows, Indigo's does not. Mr. A's does not, and won't for the forseeable future. Friends know as needed. A few of my coworkers know. Most reactions have been positive to indifferent. Lots of "I couldn't do that, but if it makes you happy, then that's all that matters."

Mr. A was grilled by his coworkers, but it was in a concerned for his well-being sort of way, and once they had more info on how things worked, they backed off and were supportive.

I don't really have to choose partners when going out with friends, as Mr. A's job is so demanding that he often doesn't have the time/energy.

I think we've got it easy, compared to some situations I've read about here. We're all happy with our roles in each other's lives and are getting our needs met.
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