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We had a really good womens group today. I felt a little off my game however as I went out the night before and have been a bit of a cranky mood lately due to work issues, but it went well regardless.

We had a guest from a university in another province come with a member that has been involved with the court case in the BC supreme court in regards to the polygamy law here.

I love how people are coming out of the wood work and asking guestions, coming to meetings and are interested is poly.

This woman is an assistant professer and is embarking on research of poly families. I told her about this forum, perhaps she will join us here. She asked our group some interesting questions about the different types of poly, is there more of one type over another and wanted to know how we thought the result of the court case would effect us.

I have found thus far that the biggest effect is having a platform from which to talk about it all. The media has been covering what is going on an d some ideas of what polygamy and polyamory is about, which means there is some basis to start conversations where there wasn't before. Its really interesting and ground breaking times for us poly folk right now.

Derby made me a yummy cake and gave me a beautiful scarf she made a small carving of a leaf and branch that I put on my dresser when I got home. She is a loving and wonderful sweety for sure.

When I got home I had vegan Chinese food with my parents, PN, LB and Mono. They have me lovely presents and a beautiful cake that PN spent all day making (cake three). I had a really nice evening and weekend all around.

Tomorrow its more cake and celebration as well as next friday also. 5 cakes in all. Each different, each made with love and thoughtfulness and each celebration very much appreciated and cherished by me. I am so grateful for all the love I receive and give all of it out in return.

Life is good
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